Do You Know Your Customer? 5 Ways to Qualify Tire-Buying Customers

Tips to Sell More UTV Tires

When it comes to tires, many customers look to dealers to direct them to a product that will fit their needs. Whether they are a first time UTV rider or a professional racer, getting to know the customer’s specific needs can be the key to making the sale or not.

Location – Knowing the intended use of the tire will help identify what product is best. Most of the time, UTV tires will take a beating on varying terrain. Recommend tires that will last the test of time and travel according to your customer’s desires.

Construction – When asking the customer where they intend to ride, you can use this to pinpoint which construction they might prefer.

Capacity – If the customer’s intended use is for work, ask what kind of load they will be transporting. The load carrying capacity varies for each tire and machine. Ideally, match or exceed the load carrying capacity of the tire to that of the machine.

Value – Every customer is looking for is a good deal and a tire purchase should not be a frugal one. Give customers options based on their needs that range from least expensive to most expensive. Identify each component of the tire that fits what the customer is looking for and allow them to choose based on their budget.

Proof –Is your customer a racer? When a racer enters a dealership, they are looking for a tire that will help them get to the finish line. The product you are selling could have influential racers who are sponsored by a specific brand that appeals to them. If the tire you’re selling has name recognition, it helps to show customers that there are riders who stand by the brand at the checkered flag. Knowing who some of the racers are and what tires brands they ride with will help you identify with certain customers.

CST Tires Sponsors Tour of Qinghai Lake for Sixth Straight Year

CST Tires Sponsors Tour of Qinghai Lake for Sixth Straight Year

Continuing its strategy of supporting cycling at levels from grassroots to pro, CST Tires is sponsoring the Tour of Qinghai Lake for a sixth consecutive year. CST is the only designated tire for the 13-stage, UCI-sanctioned race, which runs July 16-29 in China’s Qinghai province.


The company is also sponsoring a team competing in the Tour, Ningxia Ticai Livall Intercontinental. The riders of Ningxia Ticai Livall Intercontinental are racing on tires developed by CST in cooperation with a cycling team from Italy, Team Bardiani. 


Taking advantage of the prominence of the Tour, CST is using the race as an opportunity to launch an additional four new tires:


C1922, the Cito, is a lightweight, high-performance road tire which features remarkably low rolling resistance and an attractive selection of sidewall colors.

C1768, the Heathen, offers superior traction and excellent cornering performance. This MTB tire’s superior puncture protection delivers a worry-free ride.

C1747N, the Jackrabbit II, is an exclusive racing tire designed specifically for MTB XC racing. A lightweight carcass and ingenious pattern design not only provide C1747N with excellent grip, but also meet high-speed riding requirements. 

C1955, the Serratus, is a durable tire that performs well on pavement or off-road, featuring a pattern design which effectively reduces rolling resistance.






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In order to optimize performance and to best meet riders’ needs, all of these tires were developed using feedback from pro cyclists. CST is proud to provide pro racers and recreational riders alike with high-quality tires developed in the spirit of skilled craftsmanship. 

Tread Check: How Terrain Influences Tire Sales

Determining the best tire for a customer ultimately comes down to knowing what application they choose to ride on; whether it be mud, sand, dirt or a combination. Knowing that tire tread is the factor between a rider sinking into a sand dune or accelerating out of a muddy trail can be the key to finalizing a tire sale.

One would assume the rider will be geared up for a day of on the trail in wet, muddy conditions after a rainstorm or near a marsh, but are their tires prepared for the adventure? When selling mud tires, offer a tire with deep lugs and wide voids that can be one to two inches deep to push mud away from the tread. The tire’s spikes should be spaced out and the tire should be heavy in order to take on the wet terrain.

Rocky and Hard Pack
The harder the terrain, the more lugs a rider will need on their tire to grip and make contact with different angles and grooves that come in rocky or hard terrain. Protecting the sidewall with extra lugs will help with durability and traction when shifting from a hard to a soft surface.

For racers, lightweight tires that have more space between lugs help with contact on medium and hard terrains. The knobby lugs give the rider quick acceleration and control that gives the rider flexibility on a track. Depending on the track, an off-road racer’s terrain can determine what options to point to the customer; lightweight and low ply tires are best for motocross and more ply would be needed for a racer who were tackling an off-road course in the woods.

Have you ever walked in boots on the beach? Your foot sinks right into the ground and it takes a lot longer to raise a foot to the next step as opposed to wearing flip flops that are light and graze the surface of the sand. The same idea goes for tires. A lightweight tire is best when hitting the desert. Sand tires stand out with their paddle tread that ribs horizontally across the tire to push the sand away from the tread, keeping the vehicle on top of the surface and propelling it forward.

Identifying the riding terrain for a customer can improve tire sales at any dealership. What type of tread is moving your sales forward?

Three Upgrades from CST Tires that Won’t Break the Bank

Three Upgrades from CST Tires that Won’t Break the Bank


With the welcomed arrival of a late-blooming spring across much of the country, mountain bikers are eager to hit the woods and explore the trails. Some rode all winter, and their drivetrains are showing it. Others let their bikes sit unattended in the garage through the off season. 

Representatives from both groups will soon arrive at your shop, looking to give their rides a little TLC in preparation for a summer’s worth of shred – or, they’ll be visiting for repairs from having neglected their bike for a bit too long.

After a standard inspection, tune-up, and cleaning, most MTB spring refurbishments should include the addition of new tires for the new season ahead. The average rider tends to defer tire updates as long as possible, due to the high cost and the optimistic belief that there’s always a bit more life in the current set. 

CST Tires, available from all major distributors, offers options like the Rock Hawk, BFT, and Jack Rabbit that provide noticeable upgrades without breaking the bank.

For instance, CST’s Rock Hawk tires feature an open tread design and large side lugs, which work together to clear debris, improve traction, and enhance cornering. The Rock Hawk tire is for technical terrain including hard pack, loose over hard, medium, and loose, and it features CST’s Exceptional Puncture Safety (EPS) technology, which is a layer of poly-fiber material between the tread and casing that prevents objects from penetrating the casing to puncture the tube.

Rock Hawk, like many of the tires offered by CST, is available wire or folding bead, in three diameters and numerous widths, in keeping with industry trends toward MTB and gravel tire size expansion. The 26”, 27.5” and 29” Rock Hawk tires all come in widths of 2.25” and 2.40” at present, and will be available in widths of 2.60”, 2.80”, and wider in late 2018 / early 2019.

Another arrow in the CST quiver is the BFT, designed for all-mountain freeriders who need a beefy tire that can handle rocky terrain and high-speed turns. It’s perfect for long-travel bikes and its center and side knobs grip the trail on climbs and while cornering. Terrain-wise, it’s ideal for loose over hard pack, medium, loose, wet, and muddy conditions.

Like the Rock Hawk, BFT is offered with EPS technology and it has either a wire or folding bead. In addition to 26”, 27.5” and 29” diameters, it also comes in 20” and its width selection ranges from 2.25” to 4.0”, with additional widths planned to debut soon.

For those who have embraced tubeless riding and love a diverse tire that can do it all, the Jack Rabbit from CST is worth a look. It complies with Universal System Tubeless (UST) standards, and is compatible with all UST-specific rims. A standard tube-type version is also available. 

As its name implies, the zippy Jack Rabbit tire has a fast-rolling tread design with small ramped knobs. It’s great on hard pack, loose over hard, and medium terrain and it features CST’s EPS technology to prevent punctures. The Jack Rabbit tire comes in 26”, 27.5” and 29” diameters and in widths from 1.95 to 2.25.

All of CST’s mountain tires range in price from $18-$40 (retail!) – making them a low-cost and high-impact upgrade to offer your customers. 

CST Rider Spotlight: Beau Baron

CST Rider Spotlight: Beau Baron


Beau Baron is a natural-born rider, a multi-time WORCS champion, who is frequently in first place on side-by-sides. Everyone knows that if it’s got wheels and can be raced, Baron will take it all the way to the podium.

Baron has been tapped as one of CST Tires’ primary Brand Ambassadors. Not only does Baron race in multiple classes, but he is the only rider we know who races moto, ATV and SxS.

Whether it’s the Pulse for ATV, Dingo for SxS, or Legion MX-VI for moto –Baron rides CST Tires in all of them. While chasing championships in the WORCS circuit, he also spends quite a bit of time helping CST Tires develop their products like the Dingo and others.

“I run two different tires for WORCS, so the Dingo is more for a hardpack setting,” said Baron. “The tire is really good and it’s got a nice round shape to it so it doesn’t catch really hard in the ruts but you can lay it in there and stay in the ruts. It also has good traction on hardpack.”

One of the things Baron said he likes the most about the Dingo is that it’s very predictable in a variety of conditions.

“The predictability on my slides, the predictability in the ruts, you know, not popping out when I don’t want it to, but being able to have it loose enough to where I can throw it sideways and have a predictable slide. It’s just an all around great tire.”

Baron said that CST Tires is committed to the SxS market and continuing to invest in the brand to give riders what they want and need, both on and off the track.

CST Dingo Tire Designed for All Terrain Control

CST Dingo Tire Designed for All Terrain Control

For the side-by-side explorer who needs a great tire that fits all riding conditions including desert and sand, intermediate, soft and mud riding, the CST Dingo is the perfect fit.

The tire features an aggressive tread pattern with deep ridges that help with cornering, predictable sliding and grip when accelerating. The eight ply rated radial construction of the tire guarantees durability, ride comfort and confidence at high speeds.

The Dingo is the tire of choice for the multi-time WORCS champion, who is frequent on the first place podium in side-by-sides, No. 549, Beau Baron.

CST Pulse HT Tire Developed in Cooperation with Adam McGill

CST Pulse HT Tire Developed in Cooperation with Adam McGill

Looking for a tire that has a proven track record on the podium? Developed in cooperation with CST and professional ATV racer Adam McGill, the tire was built with durability and performance in mind.

The tire is made with a proprietary soft tread compound that is developed to ride on multiple terrains, from roots to rocks. The tread pattern also helps riders accelerate out of corners with ease, pushing debris away from the tire.

Everyday riders and professionals agree that the traction is unbeatable on most intermediate terrains, with significant control when changing from soft to a hard pack.

The deep tread pattern comes in a six-ply rating and is available in 10 inch for the front tire and 9 inch for the rear.

Look for riders like McGill and Beau Baron riding the Pulse HT in races across the country this summer .

CST Rider Spotlight: Adam McGill

CST Rider Spotlight: Adam McGill

Ranked fifth in 2017, second in 2016 and second in 2015; ATV racer, No. 521, Adam McGill knew his future was in racing after being named the youngest person to place in the top three of a GNCC race at 17 years old in 2005. He followed that with wins at the GNCC Pro Am Championship and winning the AMA ATVA Amateur Rider of the Year Award.

The West Virginia native’s professional career began in 2008, and he has captured the podium every year.

In 2018, McGill has been working hard on the GNCC Racing circuit since February, ranking in the top of his class in multiple rounds.

This month, McGill is focusing his attention on Round 9 in Snowshoe, WV, on June 23-24, at Snowshoe Mountain Resort. Set in a ski village, the track is known to be challenging, setting atop of the second highest point in the state.

Unlike other races in the GNCC circuit, riders at Snowshoe will line up on a paved road in groups of five and start their engines every 10 seconds. The track extends from the paved start onto ski slopes and into deep mud bogs with massive tree roots and hills covered in black, loamy dirt.

Looking to dominate the peaks of Snowshoe, McGill has his eye on the podium in his home state.

For more information on McGill, follow him on Facebook for race updates.

Behind the Brand: Meet Beau Baron

Beau Baron is a natural-born rider, a multi-time WORCS champion who has also conquered first place finishes in Side-by-Side. Everyone knows that if it’s got wheels and can be raced, Beau will take it all the way to the podium. Nowadays, he’s even riding Moto. But take away the championships and trophies and you’d still find Beau out riding every single day, just to get the rush he can only find from off-road. Baron has been tapped as one of CST Tires’ primary Brand Ambassadors. Not only does Baron race in multiple classes, but he is the only rider we know who races Moto, ATV and SxS. Whether it’s the Pulse for ATV, Dingo for SxS, or Legion MX-VI for Moto – Beau Baron rides CST Tires in all of them. This year he is chasing championships in the WORCS and Big 6 Series. And he also spends quite a bit of time helping CST Tires develop their products like the Dingo and others. “I run two different tires for WORCS, so the Dingo is more for a hardpack setting,” notes Baron. “The tire is really good and it’s got a nice round shape to it so it doesn’t catch really hard in the ruts but you can lay it in there and stay in the ruts. It also has pretty good traction on hardpack.” One of the things Baron says he likes the most about the Dingo is that it’s very predictable in a variety of conditions. “The predictability on my slides, the predictability in the ruts, you know, not popping out when I don’t want it to, but being able to have it loose enough to where I can throw it sideways and have a predictable slide. It’s just an all around great tire.” Baron says that he is currently testing new tires and compounds that will be introduced at a later date, but it shows that CST Tires is committed to the SxS market and continuing to invest in the brand to give riders what they want and need. On the racing side, Baron says that the SxSs are much more difficult to prepare than either the ATV or dirtbike. “It takes up a lot of my time,” he says. “The dirt bikes and the quads are a breeze compared to the two side-by-sides, which take about 20 to 40 hours before each race to prepare. But when you win in the thing, you know, you still get a rush.”

CST Announces Contingency Awards For GNCC, WORCS, ATV MX and Big6 Series

CST is going full-throttle with its first-ever contingency program, offering generous cash prizes for winners and podium finishers in AMSOIL GNCC Racing, WORCS, the ATV MX National Championships and the AMA District 37 Big6 Grand Prix Series.

Prizes ranging from $400 to $50 will be awarded for upcoming races, with amounts varying according to series, class, and first, second or third-place finish. The contingency place begins April 21-22 for AMSOIL GNCC; April 27-29 for WORCS; April 14-15 for ATV MX; and May 5-6 for Big 6. Races prior to the specified dates are not covered by the program, and no prizes will be awarded retroactively.

To be eligible, racers must ride CST tires and display decals in the number and size specified on the entry form throughout the event.

For more information about the contingency awards from CST, visit

Distributed in more than 150 countries, the CST brand covers a wide range of market segments. CST products include tires and tubes for bicycles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, autos, trucks, forklifts, agricultural and lawn and garden equipment.

Behind the Brand: Meet Chris Meyer

Last week we went “behind the brand” to give you a bit of a history lesson on CST Tires. Starting this week, we’ll be introducing some of the people involved with CST Tires.

Chris Meyer is the Moto/ATV Marketing Coordinator for Maxxis/CST USA. While he has only been with CST since December, he says he’s been an active participant in the sport since he was nine years old. “I’m a lifelong participant in the sport, definitely,” says Meyer. “I was doing a lot of the same things I’m doing now the year before I took this job, I just wasn’t getting paid to do it.”

Meyer said that before CST he was working in the adult beverage industry and he sees a lot of parallels with what he’s doing now.

“I spent the early part of my professional career in the adult beverage industry,” says Meyers. “Mostly on the beer side of things working for distributors or suppliers. The alcohol industry is very similar to this one and is set up in three tiers with a manufacturer, a distributor and a retailer.

“There’s a lot of the same challenges you face in communication and tracking conversions, and you know, proving that your marketing dollars are well spent are very similar. Similar to CST where we have a completely different industry, at the end of the day product that needs to somehow engage with a consumer, they need to be able to connect with it.”

Meyer lets us in on the secret behind brand marketing, and that is to make the product or brand more than the sum of its parts. We used the analogy of the craft beer market and the quality of beers improving and multiplying almost daily, but consumers are lost in the value of these brands unless they know what it is or have tried it before.

“Corona is an example where the value of their beer was the retail price and the perceived value of the beer was way above what the quality of that beer,” says Meyer. “They did it from a marketing perspective. Ballast Point, on the other hand, did it from a price point perspective; they price their beer so high that you would convince yourself it’s good or else you’d feel stupid for spending that much on beer!”

He says CST is in a unique spot where it has to be marketed very carefully because it is very aggressively priced. “Whether we like it or not, a lower price just kind of dictates a certain level of quality when you look at different price points,” says Meyer. “The reason we made an investment in professional racing was to expand the number of guys we have that can perform at the top level. I mean, we have more CST wins in GNCC than Maxxis does right now.”

Currently, Meyer says he is focusing on some of their brand ambassadors and the racing events for CST. There will also be some upcoming tests with their pro riders like Beau Baron and Adam McGill. Be sure to stop and say hello to Chris when you see him at the track or an event. Besides knowing a lot about tires, he knows a thing or two about adult beverages and can make some good recommendations for tires or beer – or both.

All-Purpose UTV Tire Works for WORCS Pro Racer

The WORCS Pro Series is brutal in the UTV classes. The tracks are tough, the competition is even tougher and the tires not only need to hold up but they need to perform at the highest level to make it to the finish line.

CST Tires has just the tire for the brutal environment of UTV racing, and it goes by the name Dingo. This tire has been a staple for WORCS driver and CST brand ambassador Beau Baron. We caught up with Beau to get his take on the tires, and how they not only perform on the track but hold up for work and play as an all-round tire for any UTV.

“When it’s dusty, it’s hot and you’re worried about hitting the gas and the brake at the right time. You’re accelerating points, braking points, and so on. The last thing you want to worry about is your tires,” says Baron.

One of the things Baron says he likes the most about the Dingo is that it’s very predictable in a variety of conditions. “The predictability on my slides, the predictability in the ruts, you know, not popping out when I don’t want it to, but being able to have it loose enough to where I can throw it sideways and have a predictable slide. It’s just an all around great tire.”

The Dingo features an aggressive tread pattern for hard-hitting grip while accelerating in ruts. Its 8-ply-rated radial construction guarantees durability, ride comfort and confidence at high speeds on the trail. Designed for all types of terrain, the Dingo is the tire for the rider who loves to explore.

“I run two different tires for WORCS, so the Dingo is more for a hardpack setting,” notes Baron. “The tire is really good and it’s got a nice round shape to it so it doesn’t catch really hard in the ruts but you can lay it in there and stay in the ruts. It also has pretty good traction on hardpack.”

Behemoth UTV Tire Features

It’s all about durability.

That’s what CST USA’s Rick Emmert, manager of specialty tires, says that most of the company’s UTV consumers are looking for today.

“Whether it’s tread life or puncture resistance or carrying capacity, durability is really what consumers are looking for,” he says. “And that’s one thing that we’re providing, especially with our Behemoth line.”

Emmert says the Behemoth is aimed toward the Utility Side-by-Side consumer who is also value conscious and is looking for a durable tire that performs well but won’t break the bank.

“The Behemoth has been out a couple of years, but we’ve expanded the lineup to include a pretty broad range of sizes,” Emmert says. “It ranges from a general utility ATV with 12-inch wheels to a smaller SxS.”

The Behemoth is available in 25×8, 12×25 and 10×12 combinations and then also in 14- and 15-inch size wheels, which are a little bit more of a standard width for 800cc and larger UTVs. Plus, if somebody wants to go with an aftermarket wheel with a little bit different sizing, CST has a fitment for it.

The Behemoth features an aggressive tread pattern for hard-hitting grip when accelerating and massive shoulder treads for control in ruts. The tire employs a lower rolling resistance for hardpack conditions and gives confidence at high speeds on the trail or in deep mud. Deep, ridged shoulder lugs provide cornering traction, predictable sliding and extra sidewall protection while the 8-ply-rating ensures durability and reliability on any terrain.

Behind the Brand: CST Tires USA


CST is a division of Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd., the largest manufacturer of bicycle tires in the world, employing more than 20,000 people worldwide. The company also offers products in many other categories, including the ATV and UTV markets.

While CST brand tires are distributed in more than 150 countries, covering a wide range of market segments, the team at CST USA develops and sells tires specifically for the North American market.

 “The brand itself has been around since 1967 as kind of an offshoot of the Cheng Shin Tire brand,” says Rick Emmert, CST USA’s manager of specialty tires. “But I’d say the last five years is when we’ve been making the push here in the U.S. and Canada as a separate brand.”

Emmert says that in the 1980s, the parent company spun off Maxxis Tires as a separate premium brand, saw some success with it and decided there was room for a value brand such as CST. The company is now a global player.

Emmert notes that the U.S. team designs and markets all of their tires to fit the specific needs of the North American SxS/ATV/Moto consumer.

“After Maxxis came in and we expanded our facilities and factories in other countries, we realized there was an opportunity for another brand to have a unique and separate R&D department, an independent sales division and a different factory from where the other products are made. So (CST) is under the Chen Shin Rubber umbrella (the same as Maxxis), but it’s an entirely separate brand… separate everything,” explains Emmert.

Chris Meyer, CST USA’s Moto ATV/UTV marketing coordinator, echoes what Emmert says about being a separate brand. “We do hit different price points (than Maxxis), so we do go after a slightly different consumer. We do that for a reason, and that’s because Maxxis is an industry leader. With a brand that is emerging such as CST, it’s hard to launch products and brands at the top end, so you have to kind of start a little bit lower and work your way up.”

Meyer says that the typical CST consumer is a little more value conscious than a Maxxis customer. “We consider Maxxis as the flagship and then CST as the associate brand. There are many multiple brands in the passenger car tire industry. If you look at a Michelin, for example, they are the flagship brand, whereas Uniroyal or BF Goodrich would be an associate brand. We see it like that.”

As an emerging brand, CST is going after a different consumer and in more niche markets than the premium flagship brand. Meyer says that currently they are focused on the UTV, SxS market. “Our typical consumer right now would be utility side-by-side, utility ATV owner. These are consumers who are looking for performance but maybe aren’t looking to spend a whole paycheck on a product.”

One important thing to note about CST is that the company follows strict international standards and has received several certifications and awards including DOT (U.S. Department of Transportation) certification, ISO9001, E-Mark, TS 16949 and others.

Utilizing a first-rate manufacturing operation and highly efficient logistics, CST is quickly emerging as a leader in the powersports industry.

Dakar Rally: Xtreme Plus Polaris Team Takes 2nd, 3rd, 4th Overall on CST Tires

Dakar Rally: Xtreme Plus Polaris Team Takes 2nd, 3rd, 4th Overall on CST Tires

Overcoming some of the world’s most merciless terrain, riders from the CST-sponsored Xtreme Plus Polaris Factory Team took second, third, and fourth places at the 2018 Dakar Rally, held January 6-20. With each Polaris vehicle outfitted with CST’s Lobo RC tires, Polaris was the most successful manufacturer in the SxS class at this year’s brutal off-road endurance event.

These finishes are all the more remarkable in light of the fact that, as Nick DeGroot put it in a 2016 essay on Vice Sports, “The Dakar Rally is considered by many to be the most dangerous, most difficult, and most grueling race on the planet—and for good reason. It’s a vicious race that puts a whole new spin on the phrase ‘To finish first, you must first finish.’ We aren’t just talking about vehicles making it to the end, but people, too. Twenty-eight participants have perished since its inception and dozens more have narrowly escaped the same fate in pursuit of Dakar glory.”
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France’s Patrice Garrouste and Switzerland’s Steven Griener earned their share of Dakar glory by taking second overall. Finishing in 73 hours, 41 minutes and 43 seconds, they won five stages of the Dakar Rally, beating the competition in Stages 4, 6, 10, 11, and 13.

Xtreme Plus Polaris Factory Team | #361 Patrice Garrouste

Claude Fournier of France and Szymon Gospodarczyk of Poland took third place, with a total time of 82 hours, 53 minutes, and 31 seconds. Jose Luis Peña Campo and Rafael Tornabell Cordoba, both from Spain, earned fourth place, finishing in 82 hours, 57 minutes, and 26 seconds.

Team Director Marco Pianam: “We are happy with the result. It was a good balance for the Xtreme Plus Polaris Factory team. We had five total stage wins by Garrouste and one by Aliaga Anibal. What is exceptional is that in the first 30 cars’ overall classification, we can find four SXS: Garrouste in 25th, Fournier in 28th, and Peña 29th. The Dakar Rally requires technical ability, good machines, and strong drivers and co-drivers; this was more important than pure speed. We are sure that the category will get stronger and stronger and grow even bigger in the future.”

Xtreme Plus Polaris Factory Team | #387 Papi Fournier

“For us, it is a pleasure to help drivers achieve their dreams. Peña had a lot of emotion, as it was his dream to finish a Dakar since he was a child. In the last stage, Fournier did a brilliant job of controlling the race and making no mistakes to maintain his position. He was the best performing Polaris driver with a non-turbo machine, which is a testament to his fantastic efforts.”

“We want to say a big thank you to Polaris, Motul and CST Tires that they trust in Xtreme Plus and in SxS. In 2019, we will come back stronger and get the awards back that Xtreme Plus has won since 2012.”

Xtreme Plus Polaris Factory Team | #396 Jose Luis Peña Campo

The course of this year’s race covered 12 cities and 5463.7 miles (8793 km) from Lima, Peru through Bolivia to Cordoba, Argentina. Riders sped through desert terrain and over dunes, rocks, mud, and other obstacles at various stages of the race, which annually receives TV coverage in over 190 countries, including on NBC Sports Network in the US.

CST thanks all of these riders for choosing its Lobo RC tires and congratulates them on achieving spectacular results in the Dakar Rally, one of off-road racing’s most demanding events.

McGill Strong Second at GNCC Tomahawk

In his fifth trip to the XC1 Pro podium this season, Adam McGill earned second place at the GNCC Dunlop Tomahawk, held June 10 in Odessa, New York.

McGill overcame a rough start and was in sixth place by the end of Lap 1. He took the lead for a time during Lap 2, and was neck and neck with lead rider Walker Fowler for much of the rest of the race, finishing a little more than five seconds behind Fowler, the eventual winner. McGill holds second place in points for the XC1 Pro class. “We progressively keep getting better. We are like a steam roller and just keep getting better each race,” he told GNCC Racing.

CST’s Cory Sappington turned in a strong performance of his own a week earlier at the SCORE Baja 500, held June 3 in Baja California, Mexico. Sappington and his team earned tenth place in Pro UTV Forced Induction, in a contest which requires Herculean effort just to finish, with 500 miles of mountains, beaches and desert replete with rocks, dust and other natural obstacles.

CST congratulates Adam McGill, Cory Sappington and all of its riders on their fine performances.

Baron Wins Again in Pro ATV, SxS at WORCS Round 8

Beau Baron pulled off a double win when he took victories in both Pro ATV and SxS Pro Stock at WORCS Round 8, held May 19-21 Cedar City, Utah.

The Pro ATV win was Baron’s fifth of the season, and he leads the class by 30 points overall. His SxS Pro Stock victory was his third this year, and he is currently second in points, just five points behind the leading rider.

In other good news for CST, Adam McGill made the podium at GNCC Round 6. McGill turned in a solid performance, holding third place for most of the race and to the finish line. His strong performance moved him into second place in the series’ overall standings.

CST congratulates Beau Baron on his latest victory and thanks Adam McGill for his latest outstanding performance.

Thomas Brown Debuts CST’s New Pulse MXR at Daytona ATV Supercross

Thomas Brown Debuts CST’s New Pulse MXR at Daytona ATV Supercross

CST’s outstanding new tire will be paired with an outstanding racer when Thomas Brown rides the CST Pulse MXR at the Daytona ATV Supercross round of the AMA ATVMX Championship Series presented by CST Tires. Brown is the first to race the CST Pulse MXR, a new tire in the company’s line-up. Based on CST’s popular Pulse racing tire, the CST Pulse MXR was developed specifically for the series.

He may not have raced it before, but Brown has every reason to feel confident in the CST Pulse MXR. With this tire’s added traction, he’ll be able to steer and corner with ease, and his choice of the two available rear compounds means he can handle Daytona’s terrain. Add the durability built into the CST Pulse MXR, and you have a tire that delivers surefooted, lasting performance.

Brown, who made the AMA top three from 2013-15, is aiming for the championship this season, and CST is excited to cheer him on as he rides the CST Pulse MXR in its racing debut.

Baron, Anderson 1-2 at Round 3 of Big 6

Beau Baron just keeps on winning: Fresh from three straight WORCS victories, the legendary rider took the Pro II win at the third round of the AMA Big 6 series. Fellow CST rider Mitch Anderson, who leads the points race for the class, took second place. Round 3, the Prairie Dogs GP, was held March 4-5 at Glen Helen Raceway in Devore, California.

CST tires served both riders well at the race, with Baron later praising their performance on social media. He racked up 30 points with his win, bringing his total to 73, just two points behind Anderson.

CST congratulates Beau Baron on his victory and thanks Mitch Anderson for his fine performance.

McGill Takes Second Straight GNCC Win at Inaugural CST Camp Coker Bullet

Adam McGill made it two in a row with his victory at GNCC Round 5, the CST Camp Coker Bullet. The first-ever GNCC race title-sponsored by CST was held April 30 in Morganton, West Virginia.

Mcgill-CST Camp Coker BulletPhoto Credit: Ryan Doyle

McGill started the race in a strong position, taking the holeshot, and increasing his lead to nine seconds by the end of the first lap. Although the race would later tighten, and another rider briefly took the lead at one point, the CST-sponsored McGill crossed the finish line more than eight seconds ahead of the next rider. McGill’s performance pushed him into second place in overall GNCC XC1 Pro standings with 119 points, just 12 away from the top.

The race featured another highlight for CST with the debut of the company’s support truck. In addition to providing on-the-spot customer service from the new rig, CST offered giveaways to fans who dropped by, including hats, shirts and koozies.

Support-truck-CST Camp Coker Bullet

CST congratulates Adam McGill on his thrilling second straight victory, and looks forward to cheering him on again at GNCC Round 6, scheduled for May 14-15 in Springville, Indiana.

McGill, Undefeated Baron Claim GNCC and WORCS Victories for CST

Again proving its strength in the racing world, CST sponsored winners in two major ATV races this weekend. Adam McGill took his first overall win of the year at GNCC Round 4, the Big Buck, held April 16 in Morgantown, West Virginia. The following day in Hurricane, Utah, Beau Baron remained undefeated for the season, with a fifth straight victory at Round 6 of WORCS. Both riders trusted CST’s Pulse tires to take them to the podium.

At WORCS’ Round 6, Baron moved ahead swiftly after starting in sixth-place, taking the lead in the third lap and holding it through the finish line.  His latest victory brought his current points total to 100, 18 ahead of the next rider.

McGill got off to a rocky start at the Big Buck, but made steady progress from there. In contention for most of the race, he battled a competing rider for the lead until the last moment, finishing one second ahead of the competition. McGill sits in third place in the series’ point standings, with 89 to date.

CST congratulates Beau Baron and Adam McGill on their victories, and looks forward to cheering them on to victory once again in the coming weeks.


Photo Credit: Harlen Foley

CST’s Beau Baron Goes One For Three at WORCS Round 2

Wins WORCS ATV Pro Race, Suffers Bad Luck in Side by Side

Primm, NV (2/2/2016) – CST’s Beau Baron won the Pro ATV race at Round 2 of the WORCS Championship at Buffalo Bill’s Casino and Resort. Unfortunately, bad luck struck in side by side competition as driveline problems sidelined Baron in both the Pro and Pro Unlimited races.

In the ATV Pro race, Baron inherited the lead for good when former teammate David Haagsma broke on the final lap. The victory was anything but easy. Baron drove from the back of the pack at the start and picked his way through the field to end up second as the white flag waved.

“I ended up fifth off the start,” said Baron. “Dead engine starts get me sometimes. I battled with Collins for a while, then it was Sloan and Robbie. I wasn’t going to get near David, but sometimes things happen. This is what we work hard for and this is what we want.”

In true show of sportsmanship, Baron actually offered to tow Haagsma in on the final lap.

“I pulled over and offered to tow him in,” explained Baron. “He said ‘No. Go ahead.’ “I like to go out there and win heads up. It’s a shame that happened. I’m bummed. This is a good thing for my points, but I don’t like to win this way.”

Baron apparently inherited some of Haagsma’s bad luck in the side by side races. He experienced several driveline failures and didn’t finish the Pro Unlimited race. In the Pro race, he actually drove around in reverse after the forward gears on his machine stopped working and finished 15th, securing important points.

“I spun some axles and snapped some axles and I really don’t know why,” said Baron. “We’re going to have to back to the drawing board with Holz and try to figure this thing out. The side by side program is a big deal. I definitely had the speed. I started in fifth in Unlimited and made it to second before I broke. I drove backwards in the Pro class to avoid the DNF because points are really important. My car wouldn’t go forward any more. It went into reverse so I just drove it backward.”

Baron’s CST teammate Mitch Anderson finished 11th in the Pro 2 Motorcycle race after a rear brake failure put him in the pits while he was running third.

“I lost my rear brake, came in and took off dead last,” said Anderson. “So I just had to work forward and salvage whatever I could. The CST Tires were excellent. I haven’t been able to try all of their tires, but the sand tires were excellent. The traction worked in all conditions.”

Baron and Anderson will look for excellence as WORCS heads to Las Vegas February 26-28 for Round 2 of the championship.

Beau Baron 2016 ATV Sponsors:
CST Tires, Sparks, Elka, Dwt, Tireblocks, Roll Design, Fasst Co., IMS, Hinson, Quad Tech, Maier USA, Maxima, RPM, TCS, Sunstar, Works Connection, Precision Racing, Bolt, Pro Motorsports, LKH Farms, H&M Motorsports, Impact Solutions,, Gaerne, Shoei, FLY, X Brand Goggles

Beau Baron 2016 SxS Sponsors:
Polaris, CST Tires, Holz, Sparks,Walker Evans, Tireblocks, Pro Motorsports, Shoei, X Brand Goggles,, H&M Motorsports, Paso Polaris  

Mitch Anderson 2016 Sponsors:
CST Tires, Bolt Motorcycle Hardware, FLY Racing, WPS, Rekluse, FMF, Goolsby Motorsports, EKS Brand Goggles, Dirt Tricks, IMS, Paso Robles Polaris/KTM, RAW Racing, Leatt, Acerbis, Pivot Works, Cylinder Works, Vertex, Hot Rods, Hot Cams


Baron, Anderson Win at AMA Big 6 West Coast GP Round 1

With stand-out opening performances from two of its sponsored riders, CST’s profile in the racing world continues to rise. Beau Baron and teammate Mitch Anderson each took a podium and a win at the AMA Big 6 West Coast GP kick-off. The weekend of racing was held January 16-17 in Adelanto, California.

The two riders made their first trip to the podium Saturday, when Anderson took second place in Pro Lites and Baron joined him in third place. Racing his quad in the Expert class the following day, Baron grabbed a commanding lead and held it through the end of the race. Anderson completed the winning day for the team by taking first place in the lightweight class on his dirt bike.

Baron’s victory was his second of the new season. Just a week earlier, he won the opening round of WORCS’ Pro class.

CST congratulates Beau Baron and Mitch Anderson on their victories and wishes them the best in their upcoming races.


CST’s Beau Baron Starts the Season with a Victory

Showing the grit and skill that have earned so many championships, Beau Baron began his first season as a CST-sponsored rider with a victory, topping WORCS’ Round 1 Pro podium. The race was held January 8 in Taft, California.

Baron gained the lead as another rider pitted for fuel and held it through the finish line, posting a total time of 1:30:53.954. “Knowing I can actually do it is just phenomenal,” Baron told “I was in second behind David; then we started going through these silt beds, and I was getting arm pumped. So I calmed down, put my head down and started picking up the pace. I had a little quicker pit, came out first and tried to pull the best gap I could.”

With six WORCS championships to his credit, Baron is no stranger to the winning spot on the podium. He has risen to premier status as a west coast racer since running his first pro ATV race in 2007. This season, his busy agenda includes both WORCS and the Big 6 series.

CST is honored to sponsor this outstanding rider and congratulates him on the first of what are sure to be many victories this season.

CST Is Title Sponsor of Superior Brentjens MTB Racing Team

As they continue their path to the Rio Olympics, the Superior Brentjens MTB Racing Team will have CST Tires as their title sponsor in 2016.

The pairing is a natural one, given the long relationship between CST and the Netherlands-based team. CST has been the Official Tire of Superior Brentjens MTB since the team’s founding in 2009, and CST Holland Directors Jack and Bob Duis have been enthusiastic supporters as team members have won multiple national and world titles.

Bart Brentjens, 1996 Olympic XCO champion and the team’s manager, praised CST products and the team’s partnership with the company: “A tire is a special and very important part for a bike, and the choice of tires can definitely influence results for our riders. The right choice of tires can make the difference between winning and losing. We are very happy to welcome CST Tires as our main and name sponsor in the Rio Olympic year 2016. Together, we are going to further improve quality and increase publicity for CST’s mountain bike tires.  An Olympic year is always different compared to the other three years in the cycle. We hope our team will surprise the rest of the world in this coming Olympic year, like they did this year with great results. We’re happy that CST Tires will support us to reach our goals!” 

Jack Duis was equally enthusiastic in praising Brentjens and his team. “Bart Brentjens is a mountain bike legend and has been building a great mountain bike team since 2009. We have been supplying tires to Bart’s team and have built up a very good relationship with Bart. His knowhow is invaluable to CST because we develop tires for winners, and Bart is a winner. CST will use his feedback and the feedback of the team’s riders to develop the best tires on the market. We are thrilled to be the new main sponsor of the team.”

CST is proud to sponsor the CST Superior Brentjens MTB Racing Team, and looks forward to cheering them on to victory in 2016.

CST’s McGill Wins 2 of First 3 GNCC Races

In true McGill Mafia fashion, Adam McGill has powered his way into the GNCC ATV points lead with wins in two of the season’s first three races. McGill won both the second and third rounds, and took second place in Round 1. The series’ latest round was held March 28 in Morganton, North Carolina.

McGill’s red-hot streak began right out of the gate when he grabbed the holeshot at Round 1 and went on to claim his spot on the podium. At Round 2 a week later, McGill bested a muddy course as well as his fellow riders to take the center podium spot. He finished the race with a lead of almost 30 seconds over the next rider. “It feels so good to get this win,” McGill told “After everything I went through last weekend [narrowly missing the center of the podium at Round 1] I can’t explain how good it feels. The Mafia was out in full force, and I’m so happy to carry that points lead into the next round.”

A pass in the final lap was the key to victory at Round 3. The race extended his points lead; with a total of 85, he is 20 points ahead of the next rider.

As they were in the first two races, McGill’s CST Pulse sport ATV tires were up to the challenge. The Pulse is engineered to hook up in a variety of terrains, and with a 6-ply rating, is resistant to the punctures typically found in the woods.

CST Tires congratulates Adam McGill on his recent wins and wishes him the best of luck throughout the 2015 season!

CST Sponsors Bardiani CSF Pro Team

CST has signed a three-year sponsorship deal with Italian cycling team Bardiani CSF Pro Team, known as one of the most talented teams at the Pro Continental level.

Bardiani began the UCI season with The Tour of Dubai, which concludes February 7, and at press time had been performing well. Riders Paolo Simion and Nicola Ruffoni both made the top ten in the first two stages, and Enrico Battaglin led the front group for the early portion of Stage 2.

Sam Chen, chairman of Cheng Shin Tire Xiamen Group, is excited to see these pros and their teammates on CST tires. “We are very happy to be associated with this great team. And the input of the professional riders of the Bardiani CSF Pro Team will be a huge help to our R&D department, so that our high-quality products can be continuously refined,” he said.

CST is proud to sponsor the Bardiani CSF Pro Team and looks forward to cheering them on to victory throughout the season. For more information, please contact Fabian Duineveld of CST Europe at [email protected].

CST-Combi logo Squadra_01

CST Sponsors San Antonio Spurs in First U.S. Corporate Sponsorship

In its first corporate sponsorship in the U.S., CST has signed a deal with the San Antonio Spurs basketball team, winners of last season’s NBA championship.

In effect for the remainder of the current season, the deal takes CST’s exposure in the U.S. to a new level. Among the benefits for the company are three minutes of TV-visible courtside signage and two minutes of hoop signage per game.

The Spurs are off to a great start this season at 19-13 to date, and CST Marketing Manager Matt Clark is pleased that the company is linked with a top-tier team. “We’re thrilled to announce this sponsorship,” said Clark. “Basketball, and the Spurs, are popular throughout the world. Making global consumers more aware of our brand through support of this great team is a win-win for us.”

CST is proud to sponsor the San Antonio Spurs, and looks forward to cheering them on to victory throughout this season.

CST Sponsors Dempsey Challenge

Continuing its practice of supporting worthy causes, CST recently sponsored the Dempsey Challenge. Held September 27-28 in Lewiston, Maine, the run, walk and cycle fundraiser benefited the Dempsey Center, which provides support, education and integrative medicine services to anyone affected by cancer.

The company also showed its support for the Challenge by hosting a booth for riders and spectators, with giveaways including t-shirts and tote bags. Several of the company’s bicycle tires were on display as well. “The event was a tremendous success, with tons of people from around the northeast and even as far away as Georgia showing up both Saturday and Sunday to run or ride their bike, support the participants, and volunteer,” said CST Sales Representative Daniel Quillian.

CST is proud to have sponsored the Dempsey Challenge, and congratulates everyone involved in this successful event.

Apply Now for CST’s New Sponsorship Program!

Taking its place among sponsors of major racing action, CST is gearing up for its first-ever sponsorship program in 2015. The company is now accepting applications from riders, drivers, teams and event coordinators at both the grassroots and professional level. Applications may be submitted from September 1 through October 31.

Application forms, which should be submitted online, can be found here: Mailed applications will not be accepted. Applicants may attach event proposals, racing resumes and photos to their application if so desired, and will be notified of their application’s status by November 11. Potential sponsored riders, drivers, teams and event coordinators will have until December 1 to accept CST’s sponsorship.

CST is proud to offer its first sponsorship program, and looks forward to supporting exciting racing action throughout the coming year. Apply now, and good luck!

McGill Wins CST’s First Overall at GNCC

Adam McGill scored a milestone win for CST at Round 9 of the GNCC, achieving the company’s first-ever overall victory on his CST Pulse tires. The race was held June 21 in Snowshoe, West Virginia.

McGill was trading the lead with another rider by the third lap of the race, which was run grand prix-style with 10-second gaps between starts and an adjusted time clock. McGill held a decisive lead by the time he crossed the finish line. “It’s such an amazing feeling to do this in front of the fans here in West Virginia. Snowshoe has always been good to me,” he told

CST congratulates Adam McGill on this landmark victory.


BB1_0067 CAA_2073

McGill 2nd at GNCC Round 8

Adam McGill took his fifth podium of the year at Round 8 of the GNCC, held June 7 in Millfield, Ohio.

McGill started the race on a high note by grabbing the holeshot. He traded the lead with another rider and regained it until a second-lap pit stop, and was close behind the lead rider for much of the rest of the race. McGill, who took second place at Round 8, is third in XC1 Pro points for the series.

CST congratulates Adam McGill on another outstanding performance on CST tires.


Sappington to Compete in SCORE Tecate Baja 500

Cory Sappington is trusting CST tires as he competes in the grueling SCORE Tecate Baja 500, scheduled for June 5-8 in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

Sappington, who has ridden CST for the past two months, has praised the tires’ performance, longevity, and ability to withstand the treacherous conditions of races similar to the Baja 500. “These CST tires are extremely durable and show superb treadwear even after 300 miles of intense driving,” he said. “It’s like the tires are floating on the sand, they handle so well.”

CST is proud to represent Desert Toyz Can Am driver Cory Sappington in the company’s first ever SCORE Tecate Baja 500, and wishes him the best as he competes in this demanding race. Be sure to check out all the latest ATV and UTV tire offerings from CST at


McGill on Podium at GNCC Round 7, the Mountaineer Run

Adam McGill took his fourth podium of the year when he earned third place at GNCC Round 7, the Mountaineer Run. The race was held May 24 in Masontown, West Virginia.

McGill surged to the top five with an aggressive charge, went on to pass another rider in a strong push during the final lap. The McGill Mafia/ Tires/ rider is currently third in XC1 Pro points.

CST congratulates Adam McGill on his fine performance and thanks him for putting CST on the GNCC podium.

McGill 2nd at GNCC Round 6

Adam McGill rode his CST tires straight to the podium when he took second place at GNCC Round 6, held May 10-11 in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

The McGill Mafia/ Tires/ rider started strong, taking the holeshot and leading for the first lap. McGill was in contention for the lead throughout the race, and finished a mere nine seconds behind the winning rider.

CST congratulates Adam McGill on his outstanding performance and thanks him for putting CST on the GNCC podium.

Ajax Indonesia Tour Powered by CST

Extending its sponsorship of Ajax’ successful 2013-14 season, CST has signed a deal to sponsor the team’s Indonesia Tour.

The company will be the Official Sponsor of the Tour, which begins May 11 at Gelora Bung Karno stadium in Jakarta, against Persija Jakarta. A second match, against Persib Bandung, is scheduled for May 14 at Si Jalak Harupat stadium in Bandung. Live broadcasts of the matches are expected to reach an audience of approximately 30 million, providing excellent exposure for the CST brand. The brand will also be highly visible during several planned Tour-related events.

Ajax Marketing Director Edwin van der Sar sees multiple benefits to the trip. “The Indonesia Tour will be a very good experience for our young group of players. We will also support some social and commercial initiatives together with Aegon, Adidas and CST. The trip will also be very special to present Ajax to millions of fans, many of whom have never seen an Ajax game live,” said van der Sar.

Mr. Marx Lee, CST International sales department manager, is equally pleased that the company will join Ajax for the Tour: “Indonesia is a very important market for CST, and we are glad that alongside the exposure for our brand in Europe, CST will now also benefit in Indonesia.”

CST is proud to sponsor the Ajax Indonesia Tour Powered by CST. For more information on Ajax, please visit For more information on the Tour, please contact Fabian Duineveld: [email protected].

CST Sponsors Tour of Turkey

CST has stepped up its involvement as a sponsor of the annual Tour of Turkey, a cycling event of such prominence that even the country’s president plays a role. The eight-stage Tour of Turkey is scheduled for April 27 – May 4.

President Abdullah Gül and other government officials rode bicycles around the president’s residence in Ankara to promote the Tour at an April 12press event, which was widely covered in Turkish media. From the first stage in Alanya to the final race in Istanbul, when President Gül will again be present, CST will be a prominent sponsor.

All riders’ jerseys will feature the CST logo, just below racers’ individual numbers.  The company will receive a total of 15 minutes of coverage on the Eurosport TV network, as well as visibility throughout the course and at the podium, with multiple CST banners and flags on display. The CST logo will also be featured on billboards at each stage of the Tour.

CST is proud to support this major cycling event, and looks forward to following all the action as some of the world’s fastest riders compete in the Tour of Turkey. For more information, please visit


CST Expands Sponsorship to ATV with Adam McGill

In a move which expands its sponsorship program, CST has signed the first sponsored ATV rider in the company’s history, Adam McGill.

“Signing a rider of Adam’s ability is huge for CST as we continue to push forward and improve our brand. It has been a pleasure working with Adam, and we expect Adam to contend for a championship this year in the GNCC. We are proud to be a part of the McGill Mafia, and help Adam reach his goal of becoming a champion in this great sport,” said CST Marketing Specialist Nate Hamilton.

McGill lined up against the world’s best at the GNCC season kick-off on Saturday, and put in one heck of an effort. Despite mechanical problems which prevented him from finishing the race where he would have liked, he was pumped on the performance of his CST Pulse tires. “The tires were really good all day. I never had an issue getting stuck. They had awesome forward traction and were solid in the open field sections. My heart was racing as the flag dropped, and the Pulse never quit ‘til I did! Amazing tires!” said McGill.

CST is proud to be the tire sponsor of the #521 machine of Adam McGill and the McGill Mafia, and wishes him the best in 2014.

For more information on the CST Pulse sport ATV tire, check out our website!

Adam McGill

CST’s McGill 2nd at GNCC Round 2

Adam McGill took his CST tires straight to the podium with a second-place performance at Round 2 of the GNCC ATV series. The race was held March 15 in Washington, Georgia.

CST’s first-ever sponsored ATV rider, McGill began Round 2 by grabbing the holeshot. He stayed in second place for much of the race, trading it only briefly with another rider.  “The tires were great this weekend! I took the holeshot and then ran into some lapped traffic late in the race, but the tires hooked up great all day. They were almost too good,” McGill said of his CST Pulse tires. McGill is now fifth in the race for the XC1 Pro championship with 30 points.

CST congratulates Adam McGill on an outstanding performance and wishes him the best at GNCC Round 3, scheduled for March 29-30 in Morganton, North Carolina.

McGill Holeshot

CST Announces the Behemoth

The tire that William Yokley rode to this year’s GNCC UTV championship will soon be available to the public.

 The Behemoth’s new pattern is ideal for covering rugged terrain and delivering the great traction that both Yokley and CST customers demand. The Behemoth’s radial construction guarantees lower rolling resistance in hardpack conditions and provides confidence at high speeds on the trail and in deep mud, as well as confidence that you’ll make it out of the backwoods. With an 8-ply rating, the Behemoth is also well-equipped to carry heavy loads and is extremely durable.

 Yokley, the winner of three of the season’s six GNCC UTV races, praised the Behemoth after the event that clinched his title. “The Behemoth tires were excellent this weekend,” he told CST. “The steering was excellent, and the tires were extremely predictable all the way around the track. Whether in the woods or at high speeds, the Behemoth tires were awesome all day long!”

The Behemoth is available for ordering. For more information about this tough new CST tire, please visit


Yokley Takes GNCC UTV Championship

In what is sure to be the first of many such victories, CST’s sponsored rider William Yokley wrapped up the GNCC UTV championship at the series’ season finale. The race was held October 26 in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

The Polaris rider’s fifth place finish for the day secured his title, after a season which saw him win three of the year’s six GNCC UTV races. Yokley said that his CST Behemoth tires, which made their racing debut taking him to victory in Round 5, came through for him again. “The Behemoth tires were excellent this weekend,” he told CST. “The steering was excellent, and the tires were extremely predictable all the way around the track. Whether in the woods or at high speeds, the Behemoth tires were awesome all day long!”

CST congratulates Team Polaris National Guard’s William Yokley on his championship and on a season of exciting GNCC racing.


CST to Attend EICMA Show in Milan

A growing presence in the international tire market, CST will host a booth at the biggest motorcycle show in the world, EICMA. Scheduled for November 5-10 in Milan, Italy, the show will open to the press and trade visitors on November 5, and to the general public on November 7.

CST will join more than 1,000 exhibitors from 35 countries at this year’s EICMA, the 71st International Motorcycle Show. The company will have its high-quality tires, including both motorcycle and ATV models, on display.

To learn more about EICMA, please visit CST looks forward to meeting customers at this exciting show.


Yokley Wins UTV National Championship Round 5

A CST prototype tire made a spectacular debut when William Yokley rode it to victory at Round 5 of the GNCC series. The race, which featured the first use of CST’s new Behemoth model in competition, was held October 12 in St. Clairsville, Ohio.

Yokley said that the Behemoth gave him what he needed in slick conditions: “The tires really performed well, and I had total confidence in them the whole race. They hooked up great in the slick corners. I felt in complete control while sliding, and the tires performed great at high speeds.”

The victory, the third for the Polaris National Guard Team in the season’s five races to date, gave the team the lead in the series’ points race. After five rounds, Yokley has racked up 116 points in the XC1 Modified class. The Behemoth will be available to consumers in the coming months. Yokley’s early-season success came using the CST Clincher side-by-side tire, which is currently available for purchase at local powersports shops or online retailers.

CST congratulates William Yokley on his victory and wishes him the best at Round 6, scheduled for October 26-27 in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

CST Donates Prizes for Charity Trail Ride

Always ready to support a good cause, CST has donated two sets of ATV tires to a trail ride benefiting the Geisinger Children’s Miracle Network Telethon. Sponsored by the Anthracite Trail Riders, the ride is scheduled for October 7 at the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area in central Pennsylvania.

Through Janet Weis Children’s Hospital, Geisinger Wyoming Valley, and more than 40 medical groups and outreach clinics, the Geisinger Children’s Miracle Network works with sick and injured children, providing the latest technology, allowing children to attend specialized summer camps, bringing health education to the community and much more. CST is donating one set of 26” Clincher tires and one set of 26” Ancla tires to be raffled as prizes for the trail ride.

CST is proud to support the Anthracite Trail Riders as they assist a fine organization in helping children. For more information, please visit

CST Sponsors FASTER Cycling Festival

CST is pleased to sponsor the FASTER Cycling Festival, a fun-filled event for cyclists of all ages.  The festival is scheduled for October 27, 2013 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

FASTER promises to have something for just about everyone, from beginners to serious racers. In addition to the FASTER Grand Prix, a criterium for competitive and USA Cycling-licensed cyclists, the festival offers the FASTER Gran Fondo, a challenging and supported bike ride with timed climbs for prizes. The Gran Fondo features 35, 65 and 100-mile routes. A kids’ race will let the youngest riders in on all the action, and visitors can also enjoy an expo with local and national vendors, as well as the New Belgium Brewing Beer Garden. Held to benefit the American Diabetes Association’s® Tour de Cure® 2014, FASTER will feature a VIP banquet with a silent auction to raise additional funds.

CST is proud to support cycling and the American Diabetes Association® through sponsorship of this family-friendly event. For more information on the FASTER Cycling Festival, please visit

CST Supports Bike Safety Fair

Always happy to support the cause of bicycle safety, CST is proud to donate mountain bike tires to an event which promotes rider safety and skills as prizes for the participants.

The Central Point Police Department’s bike patrol team will host their ninth annual bike safety fair and skills event September 14 in Central Point, Oregon. Targeted toward both children and adults, the fair typically draws as many as 500 participants. CST’s donation will serve as prizes at some of the fair’s skills and safety sections.

CST is proud to assist the Central Point Police Department as they work to promote safe cycling in their community.

CST an Asset to Ajax’ Global Marketing Plans

CST’s recently announced sponsorship deal with Ajax will provide the team with a new platform to increase its popularity in Asia and around the world, according to the team’s marketing director, Edwin van der Sar.

“CST is one of the biggest tire manufacturers in Asia,” van der Sar noted in a column published this month. “It means that Ajax is known all over the world. CST wants to create brand awareness and build their image. On the other hand, we want to enlarge our popularity in China. We [have] already [gotten] many requests to share our football knowledge and how we can produce so many good footballers in such a little country.” The team’s visibility can grow exponentially in a country as a large as China, he added.

Ajax’ brand profile can’t help but grow with triumphs such as the recent 2-1 win over arch-rival team Feyenoord, in a match held August 18 at the Amsterdam ArenA. The victory was Ajax’ second out of the season’s three matches to date.

The three-year sponsorship deal between CST and Ajax was announced in July. CST officials believe that support of Ajax, the Netherlands’ largest and most successful team, will help to spread awareness of the CST brand in Europe.

CST is proud to sponsor Ajax. For more information on CST, please visit For more information on Ajax, please visit


CST Sponsors Ajax Soccer Team

CST has announced a three-year sponsorship deal with Ajax, the largest and most storied team in the Netherlands. The deal will be signed August 20.

Cheng Shin Holland CEO Jack Duis is excited to link CST to Ajax, and expects the team to be an ideal partner in increasing the company’s brand awareness in Europe. “We are proud to link CST to the most successful club in the Netherlands,” he said. CST’s European head office is located in Amsterdam.

CST is proud to sponsor Ajax and wishes them the best in their upcoming matches. For more information on Cheng Shin Holland, please contact Fabian Duineveld at [email protected]. For more information on CST, please visit For more information on Ajax, please visit


CST Launches New Website

Continuing its growth as a powerful global tire brand, CST is thrilled to announce the launch of an all-new, innovative global website! The new CST website features a responsive design, allowing customers to seamlessly find the tire that best suits their passion, because CST is “Where passion meets the ground.”

“We’re very excited to launch this new and improved website. A lot of hard work went into producing a website that our customers will find helpful, informative and interactive,” CST Marketing Specialist Nate Hamilton said of the new website launch.

A new tire-finder application is one of many improvements that will make it even easier for a customer to find the exact tire they are seeking. Customers can filter through options including application, tire size, bead type, terrain, ply rating and tread depth to aid in their search.

Another useful feature new to is the “Find a Dealer” option that appears when you click on a tire. This addition to the website will give CST customers the information necessary to find distributors who carry the tire they are looking for.

CST has worked hard to produce a new, user-friendly website that will provide our customers with enhanced opportunities to learn about CST products and where to find them, plus all the news and happenings at CST. Check it out for yourself at!

CST Cup Strait Cycling Open Tournament Held in Jimei

Held earlier this year in China’s Jimei district, the second annual CST Cup Strait Cycling Open Tournament was a great success.

 The race attracted cyclists from more than 30 of the country’s best teams, including Fuji, Taokas, High Tek and Progress. Among the more than 400 racers were Yang Jiajie, Zhong Youcai, Wang Chao, Lin Caiyun and Liu Lan. Team Shenzhen Moxun’s Tian Zhuqi took first place, with Zhejiang Beiou’s Chen Jinbo in second place and DPS’ Xiao Jian rounding out the podium in third. The race attracted considerable attention from fans, with spectators coming from as far away as Europe and North America to witness the event.

 CST was happy to partner with the Jimei Cycling Association to sponsor this special event, and thanks everyone involved in making it a success.

Yokley Wins Round 4 of GNCC UTV

William Yokley of Team Polaris National Guard took his second win of the season at Round 4 of the GNCC UTV series, with teammate Scott Kiger joining him on the podium in third place.

Yokley’s victory takes Team Polaris, the defending champions, one step closer to another title. Yokley is the current points leader of the class, while Kiger is third. Both riders trusted CST 26” Clincher tires to take them to the podium. Yokley was pleased with their performance: “The tires really worked well this weekend. The Clinchers had perfect traction and durability in the slick, rocky sections. I am really happy with the tires, and they just keep getting better and better for us.”

CST congratulates William Yokley on his victory and thanks Scott Kiger and all of its riders for their outstanding performances.


CST Sponsors IMBA-CST Trail Builder Program

Long a promoter of mountain biking in all its forms, CST is proud to support the International Mountain Bicycling Association-CST Trail Builder Program.

The company is providing tires to the non-profit educational group’s program. The tires will be used as rewards for the volunteers who come out to work on their local trails with CST products. Earlier this year, CST supported IMBA by providing tires and giveaway items for the organization’s membership drive at the Sea Otter Classic. IMBA Membership Manager Ron Judd expressed his appreciation. “Sincere thanks for the tires, tubes, pens and bags that CST supplied for IMBA’s presence at Sea Otter.  We had these on show at two of our booths, in posters and event media and the attendee response was incredible.  The deal helped IMBA with a huge lift in year-over-year membership signups and a 35% lift overall in fundraising,” said Judd.

Founded in 1988, IMBA today has more than 35,000 individual members and 750 chapters, clubs and patrols. The organization encourages low-impact riding, volunteer trail work participation, cooperation among different trail user groups, grassroots advocacy and innovative trail management solutions.

CST congratulates IMBA on its fine work and is happy to provide support to this worthwhile organization. For more information on IMBA, please visit

IMBA logo

CST Sponsors Trips for Kids

As a strong supporter of causes which promote cycling and help young people, CST is proud to sponsor Trips for Kids ® (TFK®) in 2013.

Operating in the United States, Canada and Israel, TFK® has opened the world of cycling to over 100,000 at-risk youth since 1988, through both mountain bike rides and Earn-A-Bike programs. The organization has more than 80 chapters, in which young people receive lessons in confidence building, achievement and environmental awareness through the development of practical skills and the simple act of having fun.

“CST has honored Trips for Kids for the fourth year with both a generous grant and a gift of tires,” said Trips for Kids Director Marilyn Price. “Thanks CST for supporting our 80 chapters with your gifts!”

CST is happy to again support this fine organization. For more information on Trips for Kids ®, please visit



CST is proud to announce its association with Coastal Racing Factory Polaris, the premier side-by-side race team on the East Coast of the United States. (more…)

CST Supports Ride for Reading

Ride for Reading, which works to promote literacy and healthy living through the distribution of books via bicycle to children from low-income neighborhoods, is getting support from CST.

CST is sponsoring a Ride for Reading delivery, scheduled to coincide with Interbike, through donations of tires and tubes, which will be used as prizes for volunteers. The Interbike delivery is slated to involve more than 100 volunteers, who will distribute an estimated 1,500 books to students at Las Vegas-area elementary schools. The delivery will mark an important milestone for the organization: At some point during the event, according to Ride for Reading, the group will deliver its 100,000th book.

The prize donations are not the first gesture of support CST has made toward Ride for Reading. Earlier this year, the company sponsored a book drive for the organization at CST’s corporate office in Suwanee, Georgia.

CST is proud to support Ride for Reading and commends this fine organization for its work with young people across the U.S.


The CST booth was a popular stop at EUROBIKE, held August 29 – September 1 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

The display, which featured models of some of CST’s best-selling bicycle tires, generated high traffic from fans and positive buzz about the company’s products. The show itself was a hit as well, drawing 43,700 industry visitors from 97 countries, plus an additional 20,500 bike fans on public day. Media coverage of EUROBIKE reflected the show’s popularity, with nearly 1,900 journalists from 42 countries in attendance.

CST was proud to participate in EUROBIKE and thanks everyone involved in making it a resounding success.

CST Supports Community Cycling Center

Continuing its support for cycling across the country, CST is sponsoring Portland, Oregon’s Community Cycling Center.

The center works to provide access to cycling for people of all backgrounds, striving to build a vibrant community whose members use cycling to stay healthy and connected. “We at the Community Cycling Center would like to thank CST for the generous tire and tube donation,” said Gram Shipley, inventory coordinator for the center. “We would not be able to do what we do without the support of organizations like yours. Many of the tubes and tires you donated will be used on our program bikes and at community outreach events. Others will be provided at a low cost to community members in need at our friendly neighborhood bike shop; none of them will go to waste.”

The company is happy to provide assistance, according to Aaron Chamberlain of CST: “The Community Cycling Center provides an invaluable resource to the bike-friendly city of Portland. CST is proud to support the CCC’s mission of broadening access to bicycling for all members of their community.”

For more information on the Community Cycling Center, please visit

CST-Sponsored Trips for Kids Profiled in Decline Magazine

Trips for Kids, a CST-sponsored organization which helps underserved young people discover the joys of mountain biking, is profiled in the May issue of Decline magazine. CST provides both products and financial support to Trips for Kids, which has more than 70 chapters in the United States, Canada and Israel.

The latest issue of Decline, a magazine devoted to current events in mountain biking, is available on newsstands now. Subscriptions to the print form of the publication, as well as free digital subscriptions, are available at

CST is proud to sponsor Trips for Kids and is pleased to see its work highlighted in Decline.