Adam McGill

Adam “Kurt” McGill is an ATV enthusiast, to put it mildly. McGill started doing local races at the age of 14. By the age of 16 – when most of us are taking notes in driver’s ed – Adam was competing in national races. He became the youngest person to ever place in the top 3 of a GNCC race, later winning the GNCC Pro Am Championship and the AMA ATVA Amateur Rider of the Year Award.

Adam’s professional career began in 2008 and he has been a near-constant presence on the podium ever since. Now, after three years of being ranked in the top 5 nationally, he has his eyes on the GNCC championship.

Keep up with #521 and the McGill Mafia as he continues tearing up the track with CST.


McGill is known for getting hole-shots in the GNCC series and local races. Read More

Adam McGill - Profile Video


Video Content

Adam McGill GNCC Rd. 8 The Penton 2015

From near hole shot, to crash, to recovery, to second place finish.

Adam McGill GNCC #521

Masontown, WV Rd. 7

GNCC Tomahawk, Odessa, NY Rd. 6
Sneak Peak GNCC Odessa NY
Big Buck, SC 2015 GNCC
Hole Shot GNCC South Carolina 2015