CST Sponsors Tour of Turkey

CST has stepped up its involvement as a sponsor of the annual Tour of Turkey, a cycling event of such prominence that even the country’s president plays a role. The eight-stage Tour of Turkey is scheduled for April 27 – May 4.

President Abdullah Gül and other government officials rode bicycles around the president’s residence in Ankara to promote the Tour at an April 12press event, which was widely covered in Turkish media. From the first stage in Alanya to the final race in Istanbul, when President Gül will again be present, CST will be a prominent sponsor.

All riders’ jerseys will feature the CST logo, just below racers’ individual numbers.  The company will receive a total of 15 minutes of coverage on the Eurosport TV network, as well as visibility throughout the course and at the podium, with multiple CST banners and flags on display. The CST logo will also be featured on billboards at each stage of the Tour.

CST is proud to support this major cycling event, and looks forward to following all the action as some of the world’s fastest riders compete in the Tour of Turkey. For more information, please visit tourofturkey.org.