Thomas Brown Debuts CST’s New Pulse MXR at Daytona ATV Supercross

CST’s outstanding new tire will be paired with an outstanding racer when Thomas Brown rides the CST Pulse MXR at the Daytona ATV Supercross round of the AMA ATVMX Championship Series presented by CST Tires. Brown is the first to race the CST Pulse MXR, a new tire in the company’s line-up. Based on CST’s popular Pulse racing tire, the CST Pulse MXR was developed specifically for the series.

He may not have raced it before, but Brown has every reason to feel confident in the CST Pulse MXR. With this tire’s added traction, he’ll be able to steer and corner with ease, and his choice of the two available rear compounds means he can handle Daytona’s terrain. Add the durability built into the CST Pulse MXR, and you have a tire that delivers surefooted, lasting performance.

Brown, who made the AMA top three from 2013-15, is aiming for the championship this season, and CST is excited to cheer him on as he rides the CST Pulse MXR in its racing debut.