Meet Beau

Beau Baron is a natural-born rider. A 6 time WORCS champion, who has also conquered first place finishes in Side-by-Side. Everyone knows that if it’s got wheels and can be raced, Beau will take it all the way to the podium. Nowdays, he’s even riding Moto. But take away the championships and trophies and you’d still find Beau out riding every single day, just to get the rush you can only find off-road.

Whether it’s the Pulse for ATV, Behemoth for SxS, or Legion MX for Moto – Beau Baron rides CST. Keep your eyes on #549 as he chases championships in the WORCS and Big 6 Series.

What makes Beau a winner
His Personal Motto:

“Try to have as much fun as possible.”

The Breakfast of Champions is:

Eggs and Potatoes

Beau’s Pre-Race Ritual:

“My ritual is to keep everything consistent with my daily routine. I don’t deviate and do something special, but I will throw in additional water and electrolytes ramping up to a race.”

Race Day Playlist:

Alice in Chains. Heavy Metal.

Beau’s Life Story Title:

“I don’t know how I pulled this off.”

Why he Rides:

"Nothing gives you the feeling you get when you ride. I don’t get it anywhere else, so I’m kind of addicted to it.”

The Gear
Where to Catch Beau
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