Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown has been focused on his dream of professional racing since he was a child, and he’s been racking up wins ever since. He took his first pro win in 2013 and is gunning for the AMA Pro championship in 2017. His current training schedule combines work ethic and unbridled passion as he hauls his ATVs cross-country in his truck…searching for the next great challenge. He took the AMA Pro Am Production championship in 2008 and was named AMA Pro Rookie of the Year in 2009. He graced the overall top three in 2013-15.

CST looks forward to seeing Thomas Brown on podiums throughout the 2018 AMA ATV Motocross Championship season.

Beau Baron

Beau Baron is a natural-born rider. A 6 time WORCS champion, who has also conquered first place finishes in Side-by-Side. Everyone knows that if it’s got wheels and can be raced, Beau will take it all the way to the podium. Nowdays, he’s even riding Moto. But take away the championships and trophies and you’d still find Beau out riding every single day, just to get the rush you can only find off-road.

Whether it’s the Pulse for ATV, Behemoth for SxS, or Legion MX for Moto – Beau Baron rides CST. Keep your eyes on #549 as he chases championships in the WORCS and Big 6 Series.

Cory Sappington

Cory Sappington

Cory Sappington has been riding since 1978. Since then, he has competed in over 200 off-road races. In 2005, Cory combined his Arizona origins and love of off-road racing to create the sport of UTV desert racing. Follow Cory as he makes the desert his domain with CST Lobo tires.    

Adam McGill

Adam “Kurt” Mcgill was born to ride. From the minute he slid on a helmet at 14, everyone knew…this kid is one to watch. When other 16-year-olds were gearing up for a driving test, Adam was grabbing the gears, becoming the youngest person to ever place in the top 3 of a GNCC race, later winning the GNCC Pro Am Championship and the AMA ATVA Amateur Rider of the Year Award.

Adam’s professional career began in 2008 and he has been a near-constant presence on the podium ever since. Now, after three years of being ranked in the top 5 nationally, he has his eyes on the GNCC championship.

Keep up with #521 and join the McGill Mafia as he continues tearing up the track with CST.