Polaris France CST Team Completes Dakar Rally on CST Apaches

Polaris France CST Team Completes Dakar Rally on CST Apaches

In the world’s most difficult race, choosing the right tire is crucial. Polaris France CST made the right choice when the team ran the entire 4,751 miles (7,646 kilometers) of the brutal Dakar Rally on CST Apache tires.


Polaris France CST’s Extreme+ team rode their new RZR Pro XP machine outfitted with CST Apaches through all of the rally’s 12 stages, completing the two-week race in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Along the way, they contended with dunes, rock-strewn terrain, boulders, and myriad other obstacles, including arduous sections of track. 


“Driving all day at fast speeds in the middle of the stones [gave us a lot of stress]. Fortunately, with CST Apaches, we could forget this stress and concentrate only on the driving. We could start the stage at good pressure and keep it all day long, even with sand or stones. The CST Apache is so strong that you can hit stone at low pressure and no puncture. This is really a big difference,” said Liam Griffin, a driver on one of six Polaris Extreme+ teams competing in the rally. Team drivers and their overall rankings at the finish are listed below.


T4 Category – Overall Classification:

20th Liam Griffin – Stephane Duple

26th Jeremie Warnia – Steven Griener

27th Ferdinando Brachetti – Rafael Tornabell

28th Graham Knight – David Watson

Dakar Experience – Sebastian Guayasamin – Ricardo Torlaschi                                                 




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