CST-Sponsored Red Team Wins Rainforest Challenge South Europe

CST-Sponsored Red Team Wins Rainforest Challenge South Europe


Corno di Rosazzo, Udine Italy was the setting for the Red Team’s latest triumph when they won the 2022 Rainforest Challenge SouthEurope, (RFCSE) held May 26-29. 

Drivers Simone Cognini and Dario Lacchio, who rode a Land Rover Defender with 36X12.50-16 CST CL18 tires, thanked their supporters for their collective efforts in securing the win. Damiano d’Ambrosio, Red Team manager for the RFC Grand Final, noted the importance of taking the difficult RFCSE victory in the team’s plans for the year: “Winning here and keeping up with the pressure of extreme racing at RFCSE is important in our preparation for Malaysia.” The RFC Grand Final is scheduled for November 26-27 in Malaysia.


This year’s win is the second in the RFCSE for the Red Team, which also won the 2020 event. The team took second place in 2021. 

CST congratulates the Red Team for this hard-won victory and looks forward to cheering them on in November. 


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