Best 4×4 Tyres for Mud

Let’s talk about mud. If you find yourself in any 4×4 driving situation from a muddy field on normal highway tyres, to being stuck in a deep trench with only some mild all-terrain tyres to pull you through, chances are you wish you had opted for a more aggressive 4×4 tyre. 

Fortunately, CST has one of the best ranges of 4×4 mud terrain tyres, and we’re here to help you determine which 4×4 mud tyre is right for you:

4×4 tyres for mild mud

Whether you have highway terrain (road) tyres on your 4×4, or maybe you have all-terrain tyres, you must be here because you need something a little more grippy in tougher situations. Maybe you already have mud terrain tyres on your 4×4 but you’re looking for something new to replace them with.  

The Sahara CS912 is perfect for drivers who need something a little more aggressive to get them out of the occasional difficult situation, whether towing a horsebox across a grass field, making it through the occasional day of snow and ice, this tyre combats the mild off-road needs of many drivers, while remaining quiet and comfortable on the roads. 

4×4 tyres for mud, snow, and getting where you need to go

If you find yourself driving off-road a little more than the average person, through forests, fields or construction sites, but you still need reliable grip when driving on the motorway, the Sahara M/T II is the 4×4 MT tyre for you. 

Ideal for someone who drives their 4×4 most days both on and off-road, who also likes to venture into deeper mud at the weekends while green laning or exploring, the Sahara M/T II makes you feel like there’s no such thing as a harsh environment. 

Extreme off-road 4×4 mud tyres

The more aggressive off-road 4×4 tyres become, the less likely they are to be road legal. That’s because tough environments call for big tread structures which aren’t so great for driving on the road. But one thing’s for sure; these tyres truly make for the off-roader’s best friend. 

If your 4×4 vehicle is exclusively used off-road and needs to overcome roots, rocks, deep mud and swap-like environments, choose the C888 4×4 tyre. Providing you’re staying strictly off-road, this tyre can overcome anything, from mud to rocks to sand, only likely to lose traction in the deepest, most challenging mud. 

The ultimate 4×4 mud terrain tyre

If you need 4×4 competition tyres which provide unrivalled traction, control and off-road driving fun, you need the Land Dragon CL-18 tyre on your 4×4. This tyre is one of the most extreme, dramatic 4×4 tyres around, and will not be beaten by any level of muddy or rocky terrain. If you’re worried about getting stuck in the most extreme off-road circumstances, fit the CL-18 Land Dragon to your 4×4 vehicle. 

There you have it! Some of our more roadworthy, less aggressive 4×4 MT tyres, through to our competition-spec extreme 4×4 tyres for the most intense conditions. 

Looking for something a little less aggressive? View the rest of our 4×4 range