2019 CST CUP Road Racing Challenge Concludes Successfully

2019 CST CUP Road Racing Challenge Concludes Successfully


In order to improve the brand influence and popularity, but also show the confidence and determination of CST Motorcycle tires to enter the high-end market, CST this year held the first “CST CUP” Road Racing Challenge. We are committed to building this event into a popular motorcycle racing platform so that more motorcycle racers can experience the CST high-performance track tire series. 


Hosted by Cheng Shin Rubber (Xiamen) Ind., Ltd. and undertaken by professional racing companies in the Chinese market, the competition started in Xi’an Lintong Circuit in June, started its second race in Shandong Taian Haoting Circuit in July, and ended successfully in Guizhou Junchi International Circuit in October.

The three-stop event has attracted the active participation of CST motorcycle tire dealers from all over the country and has also attracted the attention of numerous media in the motorcycle industry in China.


During the event, three new motorcycle tire products were released simultaneously by CST: Semi-Hot Melt Sport Touring Tire CM-S1 for medium and large emission sports vehicles, Multi-Purpose Adventure Tire CM-A1 for adventure vehicles, and Full-Hot Melt Race Tire CM-SR10 for racing. These three products are newly launched by CST in response to the increasingly mature domestic market for large-emission motorcycles, aiming at different service environments, providing clients and consumers with more product choices. 

The final event in October was divided into four motorcycle groups: Aprilia GPR150 Unified Group, Chunfeng 250NK Unified Group, Kawasaki Ninja250 Unified Group and Open 250 Group. More than 50 drivers from all over the country gathered here because of their common hobbies and goals to meet friends and compete in the race. In the course of the race, according to the change of weather environment, the contest vehicles were equipped with CST new SR10 Full-Hot Melt Race Tire and SR01 series rain tires.

SR10 is a Full-hot Melt Meridian Race Tire designed for road racing vehicles, providing drivers with better grip and inclination in dry road conditions, rapid warming and hot melting, and good handling. SR01 is a Full-hot Melt Rain Tire, which can provide a good grip even on waterlogged road surface and perform a series of actions such as high-speed insertion, overtaking, body pressing and re-braking in the rain. The outstanding performance of the two products has been highly recognized and praised by the major teams and drivers after being tested by the races and drivers.


2019 “CST CUP” Road Racing Challenge has been successfully concluded. It is reported that in 2020, CST will continue to hold the “CST CUP” Road Racing Challenge to provide a professional competition arena and more quality products for drivers.