CST’s Beau Baron Starts the Season with a Victory

Showing the grit and skill that have earned so many championships, Beau Baron began his first season as a CST-sponsored rider with a victory, topping WORCS’ Round 1 Pro podium. The race was held January 8 in Taft, California.

Baron gained the lead as another rider pitted for fuel and held it through the finish line, posting a total time of 1:30:53.954. “Knowing I can actually do it is just phenomenal,” Baron told worcsracing.com. “I was in second behind David; then we started going through these silt beds, and I was getting arm pumped. So I calmed down, put my head down and started picking up the pace. I had a little quicker pit, came out first and tried to pull the best gap I could.”

With six WORCS championships to his credit, Baron is no stranger to the winning spot on the podium. He has risen to premier status as a west coast racer since running his first pro ATV race in 2007. This season, his busy agenda includes both WORCS and the Big 6 series.

CST is honored to sponsor this outstanding rider and congratulates him on the first of what are sure to be many victories this season.