Meet Thomas

Thomas Brown has been focused on his dream of professional racing since he was a child, and he’s been racking up wins ever since. He took his first pro win in 2013 and is gunning for the AMA Pro championship in 2017. His current training schedule combines work ethic and unbridled passion as he hauls his ATVs cross-country in his truck…searching for the next great challenge. He took the AMA Pro Am Production championship in 2008 and was named AMA Pro Rookie of the Year in 2009. He graced the overall top three in 2013-15.

CST looks forward to seeing Thomas Brown on podiums throughout the 2018 AMA ATV Motocross Championship season.

What makes Thomas a winner.
His Personal Motto:

“You make your own luck.”

The Breakfast of Champions is:

A Snickers Bar and Diet Dr. Pepper

Thomas’s Pre-Race Ritual:

“I put all my clothes and gear on right to left. Right sock. Left sock. Right pant leg. Left pant leg. Everything.”

Personal Role Model:

“My dad. I grew up riding with him”

Before a race he’s thinking:

“This is what I work hard for. Then I try to go on instinct.”

Best Kept Secret:

“I sometimes will watch a chick flick by myself. The funny ones, I mean.”

Where to Catch Thomas
In The News
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