CST 7R Wins Its First Marathon of the Season

CST 7R Wins Its First Marathon of the Season

This year’s grueling Ultra Bike Marathon in Szklarska Poręba, Poland featured nearly 100 km. of riding at an elevation of almost 3500 m. Beautiful mountain scenery, a strong starting line-up and a well-organized race, despite the current restrictions, all favored a spirited competition. The CST 7R team picked up the gauntlet and started the race last Saturday shortly after 9:00. After more than five hours of all-out cycling, Karol Rożek crossed the finish line first, almost a minute ahead of Wojciech Halejak and Mariusz Kozak from the JBG-2 Cryospace team.


“The season has finally begun! The race in Szklarska Poręba is an extremely demanding route, a long distance and fast-paced from the very start. After almost nine months’ break from racing, this year’s bike marathon was the first opportunity for me to check my physical shape, which makes me more than pleased with my first place. I would like to thank the guys from JBG2 for the fierce competition. Also, many thanks to the event organizers for their great management of the race,” said Rożek.


Despite some problems on the route, Michał Kucewicz also achieved a good result, completing the GIGA distance. Kucewicz took tenth place in the open classification and third in his age category.


“As for the beginning of the season, I must admit that it was tough in Szklarska. The route was very demanding, with not only many hard uphills, but also technical downhills, which gave me a hard time. The Giants’ Bicycle Range [Pasmo Rowerowe Olbrzymy] is a great option. I didn’t think I would like these singletracks so much. I had several problems on the route. Fortunately, nothing happened to me and the bike. Congratulations to Karol, who won on Saturday. I’m not surprised at all,” said Kucewicz.


Michał Ficek finished the marathon in 12th place in open classification and 8th in the elite category. Although he had hoped for a better outcome, he remains optimistic and determined.

“Regarding the positives of my cycling: I crossed the finish line in one piece and somehow finished in eighth place in the elite. I am still tired after last weekend, my legs are not strong enough, [and my] stomach [is] upset, but there is no point in getting into details. The most important matters: it is great to go to the race in a positive atmosphere, not worry about the service and buffet, and if you are in need, you can even borrow a bike. It is great to be part of the CST 7R MTB Team! Now, it is time to start training to be better prepared for the next races,” said Ficek.


Team member Oliwier Machura did well in the M1 category, taking fifth place.


After winning their season’s first competition, the members of CST 7R are focused on training and are optimistic about their upcoming races.


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