Brown Riding High with ATVMX RedBud Win and Selection Team USA QXON

Brown Riding High with ATVMX RedBud Win and Selection Team USA QXON

Thomas Brown is riding CST tires to a certified hot streak. Brown’s first ATVMX win of the year came shortly after news that he’ll ride for the US in this year’s Quadcross of European Nations (QXON).

At Saturday’s RedBud race, Round 9 of the ATVMX National Championship presented by CST Tires, Brown took third place in the first moto. However, as the next moto would show, he was just warming up. Despite a track made slick by heavy rain, Brown grabbed the lead in the moto’s first half and held it through the finish. The win gave the Tbrown84 Training/CST Tires rider his fourth trip to the podium so far this season; he’s currently third in points for the series.

📷Ken Hill

Brown is one of three US riders who will defend Team USA’s QXON championship against world-class competition. QXON will feature a 25-minute moto during each day of the event. “I am super honored to be selected as a part of Team USA again. I am looking forward to heading across the big pond to defend our title in Denmark. We have a great team with Jeffrey [Rastrelli], Chad [Wienen] and myself. This should be an awesome race,” Brown said.  QXON is scheduled for September 22-23 in Slagelse, Denmark.

To learn more about QXON, please visit The final round of the ATVMX season is scheduled for August 11 at Loretta Lynn’s in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. CST congratulates Thomas Brown on his Round 9 ATVMX overall win, and wishes Brown and his teammates the best as they compete against some of the world’s best riders and bring home QXON gold once again. 


Do You Know Your Customer? 5 Ways to Qualify Tire-Buying Customers

Tips to Sell More UTV Tires

When it comes to tires, many customers look to dealers to direct them to a product that will fit their needs. Whether they are a first time UTV rider or a professional racer, getting to know the customer’s specific needs can be the key to making the sale or not.

Location – Knowing the intended use of the tire will help identify what product is best. Most of the time, UTV tires will take a beating on varying terrain. Recommend tires that will last the test of time and travel according to your customer’s desires.

Construction – When asking the customer where they intend to ride, you can use this to pinpoint which construction they might prefer.

Capacity – If the customer’s intended use is for work, ask what kind of load they will be transporting. The load carrying capacity varies for each tire and machine. Ideally, match or exceed the load carrying capacity of the tire to that of the machine.

Value – Every customer is looking for is a good deal and a tire purchase should not be a frugal one. Give customers options based on their needs that range from least expensive to most expensive. Identify each component of the tire that fits what the customer is looking for and allow them to choose based on their budget.

Proof –Is your customer a racer? When a racer enters a dealership, they are looking for a tire that will help them get to the finish line. The product you are selling could have influential racers who are sponsored by a specific brand that appeals to them. If the tire you’re selling has name recognition, it helps to show customers that there are riders who stand by the brand at the checkered flag. Knowing who some of the racers are and what tires brands they ride with will help you identify with certain customers.

CST Tires Sponsors Tour of Qinghai Lake for Sixth Straight Year

CST Tires Sponsors Tour of Qinghai Lake for Sixth Straight Year

Continuing its strategy of supporting cycling at levels from grassroots to pro, CST Tires is sponsoring the Tour of Qinghai Lake for a sixth consecutive year. CST is the only designated tire for the 13-stage, UCI-sanctioned race, which runs July 16-29 in China’s Qinghai province.


The company is also sponsoring a team competing in the Tour, Ningxia Ticai Livall Intercontinental. The riders of Ningxia Ticai Livall Intercontinental are racing on tires developed by CST in cooperation with a cycling team from Italy, Team Bardiani. 


Taking advantage of the prominence of the Tour, CST is using the race as an opportunity to launch an additional four new tires:


C1922, the Cito, is a lightweight, high-performance road tire which features remarkably low rolling resistance and an attractive selection of sidewall colors.

C1768, the Heathen, offers superior traction and excellent cornering performance. This MTB tire’s superior puncture protection delivers a worry-free ride.

C1747N, the Jackrabbit II, is an exclusive racing tire designed specifically for MTB XC racing. A lightweight carcass and ingenious pattern design not only provide C1747N with excellent grip, but also meet high-speed riding requirements. 

C1955, the Serratus, is a durable tire that performs well on pavement or off-road, featuring a pattern design which effectively reduces rolling resistance.






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In order to optimize performance and to best meet riders’ needs, all of these tires were developed using feedback from pro cyclists. CST is proud to provide pro racers and recreational riders alike with high-quality tires developed in the spirit of skilled craftsmanship. 

Tread Check: How Terrain Influences Tire Sales

Determining the best tire for a customer ultimately comes down to knowing what application they choose to ride on; whether it be mud, sand, dirt or a combination. Knowing that tire tread is the factor between a rider sinking into a sand dune or accelerating out of a muddy trail can be the key to finalizing a tire sale.

One would assume the rider will be geared up for a day of on the trail in wet, muddy conditions after a rainstorm or near a marsh, but are their tires prepared for the adventure? When selling mud tires, offer a tire with deep lugs and wide voids that can be one to two inches deep to push mud away from the tread. The tire’s spikes should be spaced out and the tire should be heavy in order to take on the wet terrain.

Rocky and Hard Pack
The harder the terrain, the more lugs a rider will need on their tire to grip and make contact with different angles and grooves that come in rocky or hard terrain. Protecting the sidewall with extra lugs will help with durability and traction when shifting from a hard to a soft surface.

For racers, lightweight tires that have more space between lugs help with contact on medium and hard terrains. The knobby lugs give the rider quick acceleration and control that gives the rider flexibility on a track. Depending on the track, an off-road racer’s terrain can determine what options to point to the customer; lightweight and low ply tires are best for motocross and more ply would be needed for a racer who were tackling an off-road course in the woods.

Have you ever walked in boots on the beach? Your foot sinks right into the ground and it takes a lot longer to raise a foot to the next step as opposed to wearing flip flops that are light and graze the surface of the sand. The same idea goes for tires. A lightweight tire is best when hitting the desert. Sand tires stand out with their paddle tread that ribs horizontally across the tire to push the sand away from the tread, keeping the vehicle on top of the surface and propelling it forward.

Identifying the riding terrain for a customer can improve tire sales at any dealership. What type of tread is moving your sales forward?