Behind the Brand: Meet Beau Baron

Beau Baron is a natural-born rider, a multi-time WORCS champion who has also conquered first place finishes in Side-by-Side. Everyone knows that if it’s got wheels and can be raced, Beau will take it all the way to the podium. Nowadays, he’s even riding Moto. But take away the championships and trophies and you’d still find Beau out riding every single day, just to get the rush he can only find from off-road. Baron has been tapped as one of CST Tires’ primary Brand Ambassadors. Not only does Baron race in multiple classes, but he is the only rider we know who races Moto, ATV and SxS. Whether it’s the Pulse for ATV, Dingo for SxS, or Legion MX-VI for Moto – Beau Baron rides CST Tires in all of them. This year he is chasing championships in the WORCS and Big 6 Series. And he also spends quite a bit of time helping CST Tires develop their products like the Dingo and others. “I run two different tires for WORCS, so the Dingo is more for a hardpack setting,” notes Baron. “The tire is really good and it’s got a nice round shape to it so it doesn’t catch really hard in the ruts but you can lay it in there and stay in the ruts. It also has pretty good traction on hardpack.” One of the things Baron says he likes the most about the Dingo is that it’s very predictable in a variety of conditions. “The predictability on my slides, the predictability in the ruts, you know, not popping out when I don’t want it to, but being able to have it loose enough to where I can throw it sideways and have a predictable slide. It’s just an all around great tire.” Baron says that he is currently testing new tires and compounds that will be introduced at a later date, but it shows that CST Tires is committed to the SxS market and continuing to invest in the brand to give riders what they want and need. On the racing side, Baron says that the SxSs are much more difficult to prepare than either the ATV or dirtbike. “It takes up a lot of my time,” he says. “The dirt bikes and the quads are a breeze compared to the two side-by-sides, which take about 20 to 40 hours before each race to prepare. But when you win in the thing, you know, you still get a rush.”