CZAR C1406

Perfect for the style-conscious rider, the CST Czar road bike tire is available with several color options sure to match any bicycle. Available in 23, 25, and 28mm widths, the Czar can be used for commuting or training on the road. Take corners with ease thanks to the dual-compound rubber. Choose the EPS (Exceptional Puncture Safety) puncture protection option for increased durability.

Sport Training Urban


650X23C23-57127WIRE265DUAL120Black / Blue
650X23C23-57127WIRE265DUAL120Black / Grey
650X23C23-57127WIRE265DUAL120Black / Red
650X23C23-57127WIRE265DUAL120Black / Yellow
700X23C23-62227WIRE285DUAL120Black / Black
700X23C23-62227WIRE285DUAL120Black / Blue
700X23C23-62227WIRE290DUAL120Black / Green
700X23C23-62227WIRE290DUAL120Black / Grey
700X23C23-62227WIRE290DUAL120Black / Orange
700X23C23-62227WIRE290DUAL120Black / Pink
700X23C23-62227WIRE290DUAL120Black / Red
700X23C23-62227WIRE290DUAL120Black / White
700X23C23-62227WIRE290DUAL120Black / Yellow
700X23C23-62260FOLDABLE240DUAL120EPSBlack / Blue
700X23C23-62260FOLDABLE240DUAL120EPSBlack / Grey
700X23C23-62260FOLDABLE240DUAL120EPSBlack / Red
700X23C23-62260FOLDABLE240DUAL120EPSBlack / Yellow
700X25C25-62227WIRE310DUAL120Black / Black
700X25C25-62227WIRE315DUAL120Black / Blue
700X25C25-62227WIRE305DUAL120Black / Green
700X25C25-62227WIRE310DUAL120Black / Grey
700X25C25-62227WIRE315DUAL120Black / Orange
700X25C25-62227WIRE315DUAL120Black / Pink
700X25C25-62227WIRE310DUAL120Black / Red
700X25C25-62227WIRE315DUAL120Black / White
700X25C25-62227WIRE310DUAL120Black / Yellow
700X25C25-62260FOLDABLE240DUAL120EPSBlack / Blue
700X25C25-62260FOLDABLE240DUAL120EPSBlack / Grey
700X25C25-62260FOLDABLE240DUAL120EPSBlack / Red
700X25C25-62260FOLDABLE240DUAL120EPSBlack / Yellow
700X28C28-62227WIRE330DUAL120Black / Red
Exceptional Puncture Safety

Exceptional Puncture Safety

Exceptional Puncture Safety offers an added layer of proprietary rubberized poly-fiber material between the tread and the casing. The tight weave of this lightweight, puncture-resistant layer prevents foreign objects from penetrating the casing and damaging the tube.

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