BFT C1752

The CST BFT (Big Fat Tire) features meaty center and side knobs combined with a high-volume casing to create the ultimate aggressive all-mountain/freeride tire.  The BFT offers predictable cornering and excellent braking traction – just what you need when the trail gets dicey.  The BFT is available with a wire or folding bead with EPS (Exceptional Puncture Safety) puncture protection, perfect for longer travel bicycles.

Loose Loose Over Hard Medium Mud Wet


Exceptional Puncture Safety

Exceptional Puncture Safety

Exceptional Puncture Safety offers an added layer of proprietary rubberized poly-fiber material between the tread and the casing. The tight weave of this lightweight, puncture-resistant layer prevents foreign objects from penetrating the casing and damaging the tube.

Customer Reviews

  1. Artie

    Great Upgrade

    Purchased through LBS. Wire-bead BFT replaced factory-supplied rubber on a mid-market 27.5 hardtail. Fantastic grip on the sandy trails around Tahoe – including some very steep (21% avg./42% max) fire trails with unpredictable surfaces (and also a lot of bike park jumping). No punctures. Running with tubes and they are a bit heavy, but totally worth it, given price-to-grip ratio. Not sure about durability yet, but will absolutely buy again (maybe the foldable, to experience the difference).

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